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Pronunciation of Syphon: Learn how to pronounce Syphon in English correctly

Learn how to say Syphon correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word syphon:

a variant spelling of siphon
a tube placed with one end at a certain level in a vessel of liquid and the other end outside the vessel below this level, so that liquid pressure forces the liquid through the tube and out of the vessel by gravity
See soda siphon
(zoology) any of various tubular organs in different aquatic animals, such as molluscs and elasmobranch fishes, through which a fluid, esp water, passes
(often followed by off) to pass or draw off through or as if through a siphon
Derived Forms
ˈsiphonage noun
ˈsiphonal, siphonic (saɪˈfɒnɪk Pronunciation for siphonic ) adjective
Word Origin
C17: from Latin sīphō, from Greek siphōn siphon