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Pronunciation of Symphonies: Learn how to pronounce Symphonies in English correctly

Learn how to say Symphonies correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word symphony:

(plural) -nies
an extended large-scale orchestral composition, usually with several movements, at least one of which is in sonata form. The classical form of the symphony was fixed by Haydn and Mozart, but the innovations of subsequent composers have freed it entirely from classical constraints. It continues to be a vehicle for serious, large-scale orchestral music
a piece of instrumental music in up to three very short movements, used as an overture to or interlude in a baroque opera
any purely orchestral movement in a vocal work, such as a cantata or oratorio
short for symphony orchestra
(in musical theory, esp of classical Greece)
another word for consonance (sense 3) Compare diaphony (sense 2)
the interval of unison
anything distinguished by a harmonious composition ⇒ the picture was a symphony of green
(archaic) harmony in general; concord