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Pronunciation of Sympathy: Learn how to pronounce Sympathy in English correctly

Learn how to say Sympathy correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sympathy:

(plural) -thies
the sharing of another’s emotions, esp of sorrow or anguish; pity; compassion
an affinity or harmony, usually of feelings or interests, between persons or things ⇒ to be in sympathy with someone
mutual affection or understanding arising from such a relationship; congeniality
the condition of a physical system or body when its behaviour is similar or corresponds to that of a different system that influences it, such as the vibration of sympathetic strings
(sometimes plural) a feeling of loyalty, support, or accord, as for an idea, cause, etc
(physiology) the mutual relationship between two organs or parts whereby a change in one has an effect on the other