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Pronunciation of Switch: Learn how to pronounce Switch in English correctly

Learn how to say Switch correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word switch:

a mechanical, electrical, electronic, or optical device for opening or closing a circuit or for diverting energy from one part of a circuit to another
a swift and usually sudden shift or change
an exchange or swap
a flexible rod or twig, used esp for punishment
the sharp movement or blow of such an instrument
a tress of false hair used to give added length or bulk to a woman’s own hairstyle
the tassel-like tip of the tail of cattle and certain other animals
any of various card games in which the suit is changed during play
(US & Canadian) a railway siding
(US & Canadian) a railway point
(Australian, informal) See switchboard
to shift, change, turn aside, or change the direction of (something)
to exchange (places); replace (something by something else) ⇒ the battalions switched fronts
(mainly US & Canadian) to transfer (rolling stock) from one railway track to another
(transitive) to cause (an electric current) to start or stop flowing or to change its path by operating a switch
to swing or cause to swing, esp back and forth
(transitive) to lash or whip with or as if with a switch