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Pronunciation of Swish: Learn how to pronounce Swish in English correctly

Learn how to say Swish correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word swish:

to move with or make or cause to move with or make a whistling or hissing sound
(intransitive) (esp of fabrics) to rustle
(transitive) (slang, rare) to whip; flog
(transitive) foll by off to cut with a swishing blow
a hissing or rustling sound or movement
a rod for flogging or a blow from such a rod
(US, slang) an effeminate male homosexual
a W African building material composed of mortar and mud or laterite, or more recently of cement and earth
(informal, mainly British) fashionable; smart
(US, slang) effeminate and homosexual