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Pronunciation of Swift: Learn how to pronounce Swift in English correctly

Learn how to say Swift correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word swift:

moving or able to move quickly; fast
occurring or performed quickly or suddenly; instant ⇒ a swift response
(postpositive) foll by to prompt to act or respond ⇒ swift to take revenge
swiftly or quickly
(in combination) ⇒ swift-moving
any bird of the families Apodidae and Hemiprocnidae, such as Apus apus (common swift) of the Old World: order Apodiformes. They have long narrow wings and spend most of the time on the wing
(sometimes capital) a variety of domestic fancy pigeon originating in Egypt and Syria and having an appearance somewhat similar to a swift
short for swift moth
any of certain North American lizards of the genera Sceloporus and Uta that can run very rapidly: family Iguanidae (iguanas)
the main cylinder in a carding machine
an expanding circular frame used to hold skeins of silk, wool, etc