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Pronunciation of Sweets: Learn how to pronounce Sweets in English correctly

Learn how to say Sweets correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sweet:

having or denoting a pleasant taste like that of sugar
agreeable to the senses or the mind ⇒ sweet music
having pleasant manners; gentle ⇒ a sweet child
(of wine, etc) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry
(of foods) not decaying or rancid ⇒ sweet milk
not salty ⇒ sweet water
free from unpleasant odours ⇒ sweet air
containing no corrosive substances ⇒ sweet soil
(of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds
sentimental or unrealistic
individual; particular ⇒ the electorate went its own sweet way
(jazz) performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation
(Australian, slang) satisfactory or in order; all right
(archaic) respected; dear (used in polite forms of address) ⇒ sweet sir
smooth and precise; perfectly executed ⇒ a sweet shot
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