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Pronunciation of Sweep: Learn how to pronounce Sweep in English correctly

Learn how to say Sweep correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sweep:

Word forms: sweeps, sweeping, swept
to clean or clear (a space, chimney, etc) with a brush, broom, etc
(often followed by up) to remove or collect (dirt, rubbish, etc) with a brush, broom, etc
to move in a smooth or continuous manner, esp quickly or forcibly ⇒ cars swept along the road
to move in a proud or dignified fashion ⇒ she swept past
to spread or pass rapidly across, through, or along (a region, area, etc) ⇒ the news swept through the town
(transitive) to direct (the gaze, line of fire, etc) over; survey
(transitive; followed by away or off) to overwhelm emotionally ⇒ she was swept away by his charm
(transitive) to brush or lightly touch (a surface, etc) ⇒ the dress swept along the ground
(transitive) often foll by away to convey, clear, or abolish, esp with strong or continuous movements ⇒ the sea swept the sandcastle away, secondary modern schools were swept away
(intransitive) to extend gracefully or majestically, esp in a wide circle ⇒ the plains sweep down to the sea
to search (a body of water) for mines, etc, by dragging
to search (a room, area, etc) electronically to detect spying devices
(transitive) to win overwhelmingly, esp in an election ⇒ Labour swept the country
(cricket) to play (a ball) with a sweep
(transitive) to propel (a boat) with sweeps
See sweep something under the carpet
See sweep the board
the act or an instance of sweeping; removal by or as if by a brush or broom
a swift or steady movement, esp in an arc ⇒ with a sweep of his arms
the distance, arc, etc, through which something, such as a pendulum, moves
a wide expanse or scope ⇒ the sweep of the plains
any curving line or contour
the winning of every trick in a hand of whist
the taking, by pairing, of all exposed cards in cassino
short for sweepstake
(cricket) a shot in which the ball is hit more or less square on the leg side from a half-kneeling position with the bat held nearly horizontal
a long oar used on an open boat
(Australian) a person steering a surf boat with such an oar
any of the sails of a windmill
(electronics) a steady horizontal or circular movement of an electron beam across or around the fluorescent screen of a cathode-ray tube
a rakelike attachment for the front of a motor vehicle for pushing hay into piles
a triangular blade on a cultivator used to cut through roots below the surface of the soil
a curving driveway
(mainly British) See chimney sweep
another name for swipe (sense 6)
See clean sweep
Derived Forms
ˈsweepy adjective
Word Origin
C13 swepen; related to Old English swāpan, Old Norse sveipa; see swipe, swoop