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Pronunciation of Sweat: Learn how to pronounce Sweat in English correctly

Learn how to say Sweat correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sweat:

the secretion from the sweat glands, esp when profuse and visible, as during strenuous activity, from excessive heat, etc; commonly also called perspiration related adjectives sudatory sudorific
the act or process of secreting this fluid
the act of inducing the exudation of moisture
drops of moisture given forth or gathered on the surface of something
(informal) a state or condition of worry or eagerness (esp in the phrase in a sweat)
(slang) drudgery or hard labour ⇒ mowing lawns is a real sweat!
(mainly US) an exercise gallop given to a horse, esp on the day of a race
(slang, mainly British) a soldier, esp one who is old and experienced
See no sweat!
Word forms: sweats, sweating, sweat, sweated
to secrete (sweat) through the pores of the skin, esp profusely
(transitive) to make wet or stain with sweat
to give forth or cause to give forth (moisture) in droplets ⇒ a sweating cheese, the maple sweats sap
(intransitive) to collect and condense moisture on an outer surface ⇒ a glass of beer sweating in the sun
(intransitive) (of a liquid) to pass through a porous surface in droplets
(of tobacco leaves, cut and dried hay, etc) to exude moisture and, sometimes, begin to ferment or to cause (tobacco leaves, etc) to exude moisture
(transitive) to heat (food, esp vegetables) slowly in butter in a tightly closed saucepan
(transitive) to join (pieces of metal) by pressing together and heating
(transitive) to heat (solder) until it melts
(transitive) to heat (a partially fused metal) to extract an easily fusible constituent
to shake together (coins, esp gold coins) so as to remove particles for illegal use
(informal) to suffer anxiety, impatience, or distress
(informal) to overwork or be overworked
(transitive) (informal) to employ at very low wages and under bad conditions
(transitive) (informal) to extort, esp by torture ⇒ to sweat information out of a captive
(intransitive) (informal) to suffer punishment ⇒ you’ll sweat for this!
See sweat blood
See also
sweat off, sweat out, hidrosis
Derived Forms
ˈsweatless adjective
Word Origin
Old English swætan to sweat, from swāt sweat; related to Old Saxon swēt, Old Norse sveiti, Old High German sweiz, Latin sūdor, Sanskrit svedas