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Pronunciation of Swallowed: Learn how to pronounce Swallowed in English correctly

Learn how to say Swallowed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word swallow:

verb (mainly transitive)
to pass (food, drink, etc) through the mouth to the stomach by means of the muscular action of the oesophagus
(often followed by up) to engulf or destroy as if by ingestion ⇒ Nazi Germany swallowed up several small countries
(informal) to believe gullibly ⇒ he will never swallow such an excuse
to refrain from uttering or manifesting ⇒ to swallow one’s disappointment
to endure without retaliation
to enunciate (words, etc) indistinctly; mutter
(often followed by down) to eat or drink reluctantly
(intransitive) to perform or simulate the act of swallowing, as in gulping
See swallow one’s words
the act of swallowing
the amount swallowed at any single time; mouthful
Also called: crown, throat (nautical) the opening between the shell and the groove of the sheave of a block, through which the rope is passed
(rare) another word for throat, gullet
(rare) a capacity for swallowing; appetite
Derived Forms
ˈswallowable adjective
ˈswallower noun
Word Origin
Old English swelgan; related to Old Norse svelga, Old High German swelgan to swallow, Swedish svalg gullet