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Pronunciation of Swabs: Learn how to pronounce Swabs in English correctly

Learn how to say Swabs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word swab:

a small piece of cotton, gauze, etc, for use in applying medication, cleansing a wound, or obtaining a specimen of a secretion, etc
the specimen so obtained
a mop for cleaning floors, decks, etc
a brush used to clean a firearm’s bore
(slang) an uncouth or worthless fellow
Word forms: swabs, swabbing, swabbed
(transitive) to clean or medicate with or as if with a swab
(transitive) foll by up to take up with a swab
Word Origin
C16: probably from Middle Dutch swabbe mop; related to Norwegian svabba to splash, Dutch zwabberen to mop, German schwappen to slop over