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Pronunciation of Sustain: Learn how to pronounce Sustain in English correctly

Learn how to say Sustain correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sustain:

verb (transitive)
to hold up under; withstand ⇒ to sustain great provocation
to undergo (an injury, loss, etc); suffer ⇒ to sustain a broken arm
to maintain or prolong ⇒ to sustain a discussion
to support physically from below
to provide for or give support to, esp by supplying necessities ⇒ to sustain one’s family, to sustain a charity
to keep up the vitality or courage of
to uphold or affirm the justice or validity of ⇒ to sustain a decision
to establish the truth of; confirm
(music) the prolongation of a note, by playing technique or electronics
Derived Forms
susˈtained adjective
sustainedly (səˈsteɪnɪdlɪ Pronunciation for sustainedly ) adverb
susˈtaining adjective
susˈtainingly adverb
susˈtainment noun
Word Origin
C13: via Old French from Latin sustinēre to hold up, from sub- + tenēre to hold