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Pronunciation of Suspensions: Learn how to pronounce Suspensions in English correctly

Learn how to say Suspensions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word suspension:


an interruption or temporary revocation ⇒ the suspension of a law
a temporary debarment, as from position, privilege, etc
a deferment, esp of a decision, judgment, etc
a postponement of execution of a sentence or the deferring of a judgment, etc
a temporary extinguishment of a right or title
cessation of payment of business debts, esp as a result of insolvency
the act of suspending or the state of being suspended
a system of springs, shock absorbers, etc, that supports the body of a wheeled or tracked vehicle and insulates it and its occupants from shocks transmitted by the wheels See also hydraulic suspension
a device or structure, usually a wire or spring, that serves to suspend or support something, such as the pendulum of a clock
(chemistry) a dispersion of fine solid or liquid particles in a fluid, the particles being supported by buoyancy See also colloid
the process by which eroded particles of rock are transported in a river
(music) one or more notes of a chord that are prolonged until a subsequent chord is sounded, usually to form a dissonance