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Pronunciation of Surprised: Learn how to pronounce Surprised in English correctly

Learn how to say Surprised correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word surprise:

verb (transitive)
to cause to feel amazement or wonder
to encounter or discover unexpectedly or suddenly
to capture or assault suddenly and without warning
to present with something unexpected, such as a gift
(followed by into) to provoke (someone) to unintended action by a trick, etc ⇒ to surprise a person into an indiscretion
(often followed by from) to elicit by unexpected behaviour or by a trick ⇒ to surprise information from a prisoner
the act or an instance of surprising; the act of taking unawares
a sudden or unexpected event, gift, etc
the feeling or condition of being surprised; astonishment
(modifier) causing, characterized by, or relying upon surprise ⇒ a surprise move
See take by surprise