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Pronunciation of Surging: Learn how to pronounce Surging in English correctly

Learn how to say Surging correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word surge:

a strong rush or sweep; sudden increase ⇒ a surge of anger
the rolling swell of the sea, esp after the passage of a large wave
a heavy rolling motion or sound ⇒ the surge of the trumpets
an undulating rolling surface, as of hills
a billowing cloud or volume
(nautical) a temporary release or slackening of a rope or cable
a large momentary increase in the voltage or current in an electric circuit
an upward instability or unevenness in the power output of an engine
(astronomy) a short-lived disturbance, occurring during the eruption of a solar flare
(intransitive) (of waves, the sea, etc) to rise or roll with a heavy swelling motion
(intransitive) to move like a heavy sea
(nautical) to slacken or temporarily release (a rope or cable) from a capstan or (of a rope, etc) to be slackened or released and slip back
(intransitive) (of an electric current or voltage) to undergo a large momentary increase
(transitive) (rare) to cause to move in or as if in a wave or waves