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Pronunciation of Sure: Learn how to pronounce Sure in English correctly

Learn how to say Sure correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sure:

1 [predic., often with clause] completely confident that one is right:
I’m sure I’ve seen that dress before
she had to check her diary to be sure of the day of the week
2 (sure of/to do something) certain to receive, get, or do something:
United are sure of a UEFA Cup place
it’s sure to rain before morning
3true beyond any doubt:
what is sure is that learning is a complex business
[attributive] able to be relied on or trusted:
her neck was red—a sure sign of agitation
4showing confidence or assurance:
the drawings impress by their sure sense of rhythm
informal, chiefly North American
certainly (used for emphasis):
Texas sure was a great place to grow up
[as exclamation] used to show assent:
‘Are you serious?’ ‘Sure.’

be sure
[usually in imperative] do not fail (used to emphasize an instruction):
[with infinitive]:
be sure to pop in
[with clause]:
be sure that you know what is required
for sure
informal without doubt:
I can’t say for sure what Giles really wanted
make sure
establish that something is definitely so; confirm:
go and make sure she’s all right
ensure that something is done or happens:
he made sure that his sons were well educated
(as) sure as eggs is eggs
(also as sure as fate)
without any doubt:
‘You’re sure about that?’ ‘Sure as eggs is eggs.’
sure enough
informal used to introduce a statement that confirms something previously predicted:
when X-rays were taken, sure enough, there was the needle
sure of oneself
very confident of one’s own abilities or views:
he’s very sure of himself
sure thing
a certainty:
I told my mates it was a sure thing and they put every last penny on that horse of yours
[as exclamation] chiefly North American certainly; of course:
‘Can I watch?’ ‘Sure thing.’
to be sure
used to concede the truth of something that conflicts with another point that one wishes to make:
the ski runs are very limited, to be sure, but excellent for beginners
used for emphasis:
what an extraordinary woman she was, to be sure


Middle English: from Old French sur, from Latin securus ‘free from care’