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Pronunciation of Sure: Learn how to pronounce Sure in English correctly

Learn how to say Sure correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sure:

(sometimes followed by of) free from hesitancy or uncertainty (with regard to a belief, conviction, etc) ⇒ we are sure of the accuracy of the data, I am sure that he is lying
(followed by of) having no doubt, as of the occurrence of a future state or event ⇒ sure of success
always effective; unfailing ⇒ a sure remedy
reliable in indication or accuracy ⇒ a sure criterion
(of persons) worthy of trust or confidence ⇒ a sure friend
not open to doubt ⇒ sure proof
admitting of no vacillation or doubt ⇒ he is very sure in his beliefs
bound to be or occur; inevitable ⇒ victory is sure
(postpositive) bound inevitably (to be or do something); certain ⇒ she is sure to be there tonight
physically secure or dependable ⇒ a sure footing
(obsolete) free from exposure to harm or danger
See be sure
See for sure
See make sure
See sure enough
See to be sure
(sentence substitute) (informal) willingly; yes
(sentence modifier) (informal, mainly US & Canadian) without question; certainly
Derived Forms
ˈsureness noun
Word Origin
C14: from Old French seur, from Latin sēcūrussecure