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Pronunciation of Support: Learn how to pronounce Support in English correctly

Learn how to say Support correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word support:

verb (transitive)
to carry the weight of
to bear or withstand (pressure, weight, etc)
to provide the necessities of life for (a family, person, etc)
to tend to establish (a theory, statement, etc) by providing new facts; substantiate
to speak in favour of (a motion)
to give aid or courage to
to give approval to (a cause, principle, etc); subscribe to ⇒ to support a political candidature
to endure with forbearance ⇒ I will no longer support bad behaviour
to give strength to; maintain ⇒ to support a business
(transitive) (in a concert) to perform earlier than (the main attraction)
(cinema, theatre)
to play a subordinate role to
to accompany (the feature) in a film programme
to act or perform (a role or character)
the act of supporting or the condition of being supported
a thing that bears the weight or part of the weight of a construction
a person who or thing that furnishes aid
the means of maintenance of a family, person, etc
a band or entertainer not topping the bill
See the support
(medicine) an appliance worn to ease the strain on an injured bodily structure or part
the solid material on which a painting is executed, such as canvas
See athletic support
Derived Forms
supˈportless adjective
Word Origin
C14: from Old French supporter, from Latin supportāre to bring, from sub- up + portāre to carry