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Pronunciation of Superficial: Learn how to pronounce Superficial in English correctly

Learn how to say Superficial correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word superficial:

of, relating to, being near, or forming the surface ⇒ superficial bruising
displaying a lack of thoroughness or care ⇒ a superficial inspection
only outwardly apparent rather than genuine or actual ⇒ the similarity was merely superficial
of little substance or significance; trivial ⇒ superficial differences
lacking originality or profundity ⇒ the film’s plot was quite superficial
(of measurements) involving only the surface area
Derived Forms
superficiality (ˌsuːpəˌfɪʃɪˈælɪtɪ Pronunciation for superficiality ) , (rare) ˌsuperˈficialness noun
ˌsuperˈficially adverb
Word Origin
C14: from Late Latin superficiālis of the surface, from Latin superficies