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Pronunciation of Sunbaked: Learn how to pronounce Sunbaked in English correctly

Learn how to say Sunbaked correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sunbaked:

baked by the heat of the sun, as bricks
dried, cracked, etc. by the heat of the sun
Example Sentences Including ‘sunbaked’

– but as soon as he began to gather up his trash, to stand, she drifted back into sunbaked sleepiness.
Miller, Sue FAMILY PICTURES (1990)
Liza had given up trying to swing on the sunbaked chain and was now pressing her nose and forehead against the tinted window.
USA TODAY (2004)
Again and again,” says a fire-eyed man who has only a few teeth and a thin strand of hair on his sunbaked head.
David Sheff CHINA DAWN (2002)