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Pronunciation of Sun: Learn how to pronounce Sun in English correctly

Learn how to say Sun correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sun:

([often S-]) the self-luminous, gaseous central star of the solar system: magnitude, -26; mean distance from the earth, c. 149.6 million km ( c. 93 million mi); diameter, c. 1.4 million km ( c. 864,000 mi); mass, c. 332,000 times that of the earth; volume, c. 1.3 million times that of the earth; mean density, c. 0.25 times that of the earth; central temperature, c. 15 to 20 million degrees K; surface temperature, c. 6,000°K; rotational period, c. 27 earth days (with the)
the heat or light of the sun ⇒ to lie in the sun
any star that is the center of a planetary system
something like the sun, as in warmth or brilliance
transitive verb
Word forms: sunned, ˈsunning
to expose to the sun’s rays; warm, dry, bleach, tan, etc. in or as in the sunlight
intransitive verb
to sun oneself