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Pronunciation of Suckers: Learn how to pronounce Suckers in English correctly

Learn how to say Suckers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sucker:


a person or thing that sucks
(slang) a person who is easily deceived or swindled
(slang) a person who cannot resist the attractions of a particular type of person or thing ⇒ he’s a sucker for blondes
a young animal that is not yet weaned, esp a suckling pig
(zoology) an organ that is specialized for sucking or adhering
a cup-shaped device, generally made of rubber, that may be attached to articles allowing them to adhere to a surface by suction
a strong shoot that arises in a mature plant from a root, rhizome, or the base of the main stem
a short branch of a parasitic plant that absorbs nutrients from the host
a pipe or tube through which a fluid is drawn by suction
any small mainly North American cyprinoid fish of the family Catostomidae, having toothless jaws and a large sucking mouth
any of certain fishes that have sucking discs, esp the clingfish or sea snail
a piston in a suction pump or the valve in such a piston

(transitive) to strip off the suckers from (a plant)
(intransitive) (of a plant) to produce suckers