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Pronunciation of Substratum: Learn how to pronounce Substratum in English correctly

Learn how to say Substratum correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word substratum:

(plural) -strata (-ˈstrɑːtə; -ˈstreɪtə)
any layer or stratum lying underneath another
a basis or foundation; groundwork
the nonliving material on which an animal or plant grows or lives
the solid rock underlying soils, gravels, etc; bedrock
the surface to which a fixed organism is attached
(sociology) any of several subdivisions or grades within a stratum
(photography) a binding layer by which an emulsion is made to adhere to a glass or film base Sometimes shortened to: sub
(philosophy) substance considered as that in which attributes and accidents inhere
(linguistics) the language of an indigenous population when replaced by the language of a conquering or colonizing population, esp as it influences the form of the dominant language or of any mixed languages arising from their contact Compare superstratum (sense 2)