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Pronunciation of Substantively: Learn how to pronounce Substantively in English correctly

Learn how to say Substantively correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word substantive:

existing independently; not dependent upon or subordinate to another
of considerable amount or quantity; substantial
having a real existence; actual
of, containing, or dealing with the essential elements; essential
having direct bearing on a matter
of or relating to legal rights and principles as distinguished from legal procedures
becoming fixed without the use of a mordant (said of a dye)
expressing existence ⇒ the substantive verb “to be”
of or used as a substantive
something substantive
(grammar) a noun or any other word or group of words that functions as a noun; nominal
Derived Forms
ˌsubstanˈtival (ˌsʌbstənˈtaɪvəl Pronunciation for ) adjective
ˌsubstanˈtivally adverb