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Pronunciation of Substandard: Learn how to pronounce Substandard in English correctly

Learn how to say Substandard correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word substandard:

below standard (; specif.,)
below a standard established as by law
(linguistics) nonstandard (a usually pejorative designation for forms of a language that differ from the standard dialect, and a term not widely used by linguists)
Example Sentences Including ‘substandard’

The only disappointing note was the music, schmaltzy tapes of Italian opera that oozed out of substandard speakers.
Clancy, Tom WITHOUT REMORSE (1993)
Oregon lists Hamilton University as a ” substandard institution” whose degrees are illegal for use as credentials in the state.
WIRED (2004)
Edwards, a malpractice lawyer, worked with Kennedy in 2001 on a patients ‘ bill of rights designed to protect people from substandard care.
USA TODAY (2004)
The big picture: 183 of the 326 schools (56 %) had at least one program deemed substandard by the NCAA.
USA TODAY (2005)
Today, Carter is still addressing the same problem – the elimination of substandard housing among the poor.
Campolo, Tony STAND UP AND BE COUNTED (1991)