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Pronunciation of Subbed: Learn how to pronounce Subbed in English correctly

Learn how to say Subbed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sub:

• informal
1a submarine:
the yachtsman claimed his boat had been sunk by a sub
1.1North American short for submarine sandwich.
2British a subscription:
the annual sub for the golf club will be £200
3a substitute, especially in a sporting team:
the team pulled back with a goal from sub Chris Malkin
4British a subeditor:
the chief sub would be responsible for the look of the paper
5British an advance or loan against expected income:
‘I’ve got no money.’ ‘Want a sub?’
1replace or be replaced; substitute:
he got a lot of applause when he was subbed
[NO OBJECT]: he subbed for Armstrong at some gigs
2British lend or advance a sum to (someone) against expected income:
who’ll sub me till Thursday?
his copy was mercilessly subbed and rewritten