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Pronunciation of Stubbing: Learn how to pronounce Stubbing in English correctly

Learn how to say Stubbing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stub:

1the truncated remnant of a pencil, cigarette, or similar-shaped object after use:
the ashtray was full of stubs
a pencil stub
the stub of a candle
a truncated or unusually short thing:
he wagged his little stub of tail
[as modifier] denoting a projection or hole that goes only part of the way through a surface:
a stub tenon
2the counterfoil of a cheque, receipt, ticket, or other document:
retain your ticket stubs
he drew out his chequebook and checked the stubs
verb (stubs, stubbing, stubbed)
[with object]
1accidentally strike (one’s toe) against something:
I stubbed my toe, swore, and tripped
2extinguish (a lighted cigarette) by pressing the lighted end against something:
she stubbed out her cigarette in the overflowing ashtray
3grub up (a plant) by the roots:
he was found to have stubbed up a hedge
Old English stub(b) ‘stump of a tree’, of Germanic origin. The verb is first recorded (late Middle English) in sense 3; sense 1 of the verb (mid 19th century) was originally a US usage