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Pronunciation of Strums: Learn how to pronounce Strums in English correctly

Learn how to say Strums correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word strum:

verb (strums, strumming, strummed)
[with object]
play (a guitar or similar instrument) by sweeping the thumb or a plectrum up or down across the strings:
he was sitting in the bedroom strumming a guitar
[no object]:
the minister strummed on his guitar
play (a tune) by strumming the strings of a guitar or similar instrument:
he strummed a few chords
[no object] play casually or unskilfully on a stringed or keyboard instrument:
the guitar player strummed along respectfully
a sound made by strumming a guitar or similar instrument:
the brittle strum of acoustic guitars
an act or period of strumming a guitar or similar instrument.
late 18th century: imitative; compare with thrum1