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Pronunciation of Stroma: Learn how to pronounce Stroma in English correctly

Learn how to say Stroma correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stroma:

noun (plural stromata /-mətə/)
1 [mass noun] Anatomy & Biology the supportive tissue of an epithelial organ, tumour, gonad, etc., consisting of connective tissues and blood vessels:
a loose stroma of connective tissue
[mass noun]:
the virus caused necrosis of epithelium and stroma
the spongy framework of protein fibres in a red blood cell or platelet.
Botany the matrix of a chloroplast, in which the grana are embedded.
2 Botany a cushion-like mass of fungal tissue, having spore-bearing structures either embedded in it or on its surface:
the fruiting body is tightly compressed and sessile on a stroma
adjective (chiefly Anatomy)
Pronunciation: /-ˈmatɪk/
adjective (chiefly Botany)
mid 19th century: modern Latin, via late Latin from Greek strōma ‘coverlet’