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Pronunciation of Stroked: Learn how to pronounce Stroked in English correctly

Learn how to say Stroked correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stroke:

1an act of hitting or striking someone or something; a blow:
he received three strokes of the cane
a method of striking the ball in sports or games.
Golf an act of hitting the ball with a club, as a unit of scoring:
he won by two strokes
the sound made by a striking clock:
the first stroke would belt out from the clock
2a mark made by drawing a pen, pencil, or paintbrush in one direction across paper or canvas:
the paint had been applied in careful, regular strokes
a line forming part of a written or printed character.
a short printed or written diagonal line typically separating characters or figures.
3an act of moving one’s hand across a surface with gentle pressure:
massage the cream into your skin using light upward strokes
4each of a series of movements in which something moves out of its position and back into it:
the ray swam with effortless strokes of its huge wings
the whole motion of a piston in either direction.
the rhythm to which a series of repeated movements is performed:
the rowers sing to keep their stroke
a movement of the arms and legs forming one of a series in swimming:
I slipped into the water and swam a few strokes
a particular style of moving the arms and legs in swimming:
front crawl is a popular stroke
(in rowing) the mode or action of moving the oar.
(also stroke oar) the oar or oarsman nearest the stern of a boat, setting the timing for the other rowers.
5a sudden disabling attack or loss of consciousness caused by an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain, especially through thrombosis:
he was left disabled by a stroke
[mass noun]:
smoking increases the risk of stroke
[with object]
1move one’s hand with gentle pressure over (a surface), typically repeatedly; caress:
he put his hand on her hair and stroked it
[with object and adverbial of place] apply (something) to a surface using a gentle movement:
she strokes blue eyeshadow on her eyelids
North American informal reassure or flatter (someone), especially in order to gain their cooperation:
production executives were expert at stroking stars and brokering talent
2act as the stroke of (a boat or crew):
he stroked the coxed four to victory
3hit or kick (a ball) smoothly and deliberately:
Markwick stroked the ball home