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Pronunciation of Stringing: Learn how to pronounce Stringing in English correctly

Learn how to say Stringing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word string:

1 [mass noun] material consisting of threads of cotton, hemp, or other material twisted together to form a thin length:
unwieldy packs tied up with string
[count noun] a piece of string used to tie round or attach to something:
the elephant mask had a trunk you could raise by pulling a string
[count noun] a piece of catgut or similar material interwoven with others to form the head of a sports racket.
[count noun] a length of catgut or wire on a musical instrument, producing a note by vibration:
the D string broke
(strings) the stringed instruments in an orchestra:
the blend of the wind-group is less perfect than that of the strings
[as modifier] relating to or consisting of stringed instruments:
a string quartet
2a set of things tied or threaded together on a thin cord:
she wore a string of agates round her throat
a sequence of similar items or events:
a string of burglaries
Computing a linear sequence of characters, words, or other data.
a group of racehorses trained at one stable.
a reserve team or player holding a specified position in an order of preference:
the village team held Rangers’ second string to a 0-0 draw
a player assigned a specified rank in a team in an individual sport such as squash:
Taylor lost to third string Baines
3a tough piece of fibre in vegetables, meat, or other food, such as a tough elongated piece connecting the two halves of a bean pod.
4a G-string or thong.
5short for stringboard.
6 Physics a hypothetical one-dimensional subatomic particle having the dynamical properties of a flexible loop.
(also cosmic string) a hypothetical thread-like concentration of energy within the structure of space-time.
verb (past and past participle strung /strʌŋ/)
1 [with object and adverbial] hang (something) so that it stretches in a long line:
lights were strung across the promenade
thread (a series of small objects) on a string:
he collected stones with holes in them and strung them on a strong cord
(be strung) be arranged in a long line:
the houses were strung along the road
(string something together) add items to one another to form a series or coherent whole:
he can’t string two sentences together
2 [with object] fit a string or strings to (a musical instrument, a racket, or a bow):
the harp had been newly strung
3 [with object] remove the strings from (a bean).
4 [with object] North American informal hoax or trick (someone):
I’m not stringing you—I’ll eat my shirt if it’s not true
5 [no object] informal work as a stringer in journalism:
he strings for almost every French radio service
6 [no object] Billiards determine the order of play by striking the cue ball from baulk to rebound off the top cushion, first stroke going to the player whose ball comes to rest nearer the bottom cushion.