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Pronunciation of Stretching: Learn how to pronounce Stretching in English correctly

Learn how to say Stretching correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stretch:

[no object]
1(of something soft or elastic) be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking:
my jumper stretched in the wash
rubber will stretch easily when pulled
[with object] cause (something) to become longer or wider by pulling it:
stretch the elastic
small squares of canvas were stretched over the bamboo frame
2straighten or extend one’s body or a part of one’s body to its full length, typically so as to tighten one’s muscles or in order to reach something:
the cat yawned and stretched
[with object]:
I stretched out a weary arm to turn on my radio
stretching my cramped legs
we lay stretched out on the sand
3 [no object, with adverbial] extend or spread over an area or period of time:
the beach stretches for over four miles
the long hours of night stretched ahead of her
last or cause to last longer than expected:
[no object]:
her nap had stretched to two hours
[with object]:
stretch your weekend into a mini summer vacation
[no object] (of finances or resources) be sufficient or adequate for a certain purpose:
my budget won’t stretch to a weekend at a health farm
4 [with object] make great demands on the capacity or resources of:
the cost of the court case has stretched their finances to the limit
cause (someone) to make maximum use of their talents or abilities:
it’s too easy—it doesn’t stretch me
informal adapt or extend the scope of (something) in a way that exceeds a reasonable or acceptable limit:
to describe her as sweet would be stretching it a bit