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Pronunciation of Stretchers: Learn how to pronounce Stretchers in English correctly

Learn how to say Stretchers correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stretcher:

1a framework of two poles with a long piece of canvas slung between them, used for carrying sick, injured, or dead people.
2a wooden frame over which a canvas is spread and tautened ready for painting.
[with modifier] a rod or frame used for expanding or tautening a specified thing:
sail stretchers
3a rod or bar joining and supporting chair legs.
a board in a boat against which a rower presses the feet for support.
4a brick or stone laid with its long side along the face of a wall. Compare with header (sense 3).
5 archaic, informal an exaggeration or lie.
[with object]
carry (a sick or injured person) somewhere on a stretcher:
their striker had to be stretchered off following a tackle