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Pronunciation of Strengthens: Learn how to pronounce Strengthens in English correctly

Learn how to say Strengthens correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word strength:

[mass noun]
1the quality or state of being physically strong:
cycling can help you build up your strength
the influence or power possessed by a person, organization, or country:
the political and military strength of European governments
the degree of intensity of a feeling or belief:
street protests demonstrated the strength of feeling against the president
the extent to which an argument or case is sound or convincing:
the strength of the argument for property taxation
the potency, intensity, or speed of a force or natural agency:
the wind had markedly increased in strength
Bridge the potential of a hand to win tricks, arising from the number and type of high cards it contains.
2the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure:
they were taking no chances with the strength of the retaining wall
the emotional or mental qualities necessary in dealing with difficult or distressing situations:
many people find strength in religion
it takes strength of character to admit one needs help
3the potency or degree of concentration of a drug, chemical, or drink:
it’s double the strength of your average beer
[count noun]:
the solution comes in two strengths
4 [count noun] a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing:
the strengths and weaknesses of their sales and marketing operation
his strength was his obsessive single-mindedness
literary a person or thing perceived as a source of mental or emotional support:
he was my closest friend, my strength and shield
5the number of people comprising a group, typically a team or army:
the peacetime strength of the army was 415,000
a number of people required to make such a group complete:
we are now more than 100 officers below strength
some units will be maintained at full strength while others will rely on reserves
City were under strength, yet put up a creditable performance
[in combination]:
an under-strength side