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Pronunciation of Stoppered: Learn how to pronounce Stoppered in English correctly

Learn how to say Stoppered correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stopper:

1a plug for sealing a hole, especially in the neck of a bottle or other container.
2 [in combination] a person or thing that halts or obstructs a specified thing:
a crime-stopper
(in soccer or American football) a player whose function is to block attacks on goal from the middle of the field.
Baseball a starting pitcher depended on to win a game or reverse a losing streak, or a relief pitcher who prevents the opposing team from scoring highly.
(in sailing or climbing) a rope or clamp for preventing a rope or cable from being run out.
Bridgeanother term for control.
they established they had no spade stopper, and settled in four diamonds
[with object] (usually as adjective stoppered)
use a stopper to seal (a bottle or other container):
a small stoppered jar
put a (or the) stopper on
informal prevent from happening or continuing:
this responsibility put a stopper on me finding someone for myself