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Pronunciation of Stoops: Learn how to pronounce Stoops in English correctly

Learn how to say Stoops correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stoop:

[no object]
1bend one’s head or body forwards and downwards:
he stooped down and reached towards the coin
Linda stooped to pick up the bottles
[with object]:
the man stoops his head
have the head and shoulders habitually bent forwards:
he tends to stoop when he walks
(as adjective stooping)
a thin, stooping figure
(as adjective stooped)
a stooped old man
2lower one’s moral standards so far as to do something reprehensible:
Craig wouldn’t stoop to thieving
she was unwilling to believe that anyone could stoop so low as to steal from a dead woman
[with infinitive] archaic condescend to do something:
the princes now and then stooped to pay a nominal homage
3(of a bird of prey) swoop down on a quarry:
we witnessed an eagle stooping on its prey
1 [in singular] a posture in which the head and shoulders are habitually bent forwards:
a tall, thin man with a stoop
2the downward swoop of a bird of prey.
Old English stūpian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to the adjective steep1. Both senses of the noun date from the late 16th century