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Pronunciation of Stocking: Learn how to pronounce Stocking in English correctly

Learn how to say Stocking correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stocking:

a women’s garment, typically made of translucent nylon or silk, that fits closely over the foot and is held up by suspenders or an elasticated strip at the upper thigh.
short for Christmas stocking.
US or archaic a long sock worn by men.
[usually with modifier] a cylindrical bandage or other medical covering for the leg resembling a stocking, especially an elasticated support used in the treatment of disorders of the veins:
a compression stocking
a white marking of the lower part of a horse’s leg, extending as far as, or just beyond, the knee or hock:
a bright bay with white stockings
in (one’s) stockinged feet
without shoes:
she stood five feet ten in her stockinged feet
[in combination]:
her black-stockinged legs
late 16th century: from stock in the dialect sense ‘stocking’ + -ing1