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Pronunciation of Stencilled: Learn how to pronounce Stencilled in English correctly

Learn how to say Stencilled correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stencil:

a thin sheet of card, plastic, or metal with a pattern or letters cut out of it, used to produce the cut design on the surface below by the application of ink or paint through the holes:
[as modifier]:
stencil designs such as fruit
a design produced by a stencil:
a floral stencil around the top of the room
verb (stencils, stencilling, stencilled; US stencils, stenciling, stenciled)
[with object]
decorate (a surface) with a stencil:
the walls had been stencilled with designs
(as noun stencilling)
the art of stencilling
produce (a design) with a stencil:
stencil a border around the door
(as adjective stencilled)
the stencilled letters
early 18th century: from earlier stansel ‘ornament with various colours’ (based on Latin scintilla ‘spark’)