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Pronunciation of Steerage: Learn how to pronounce Steerage in English correctly

Learn how to say Steerage correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word steer:

[with object]
guide or control the movement of (a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft), for example by turning a wheel or operating a rudder:
he steered the boat slowly towards the busy quay
[no object]:
he let Lily steer
[no object, with adverbial of direction] (of a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft) be guided in a specified direction:
the ship steered into port
[with object and adverbial of direction] follow (a course) in a specified direction:
the fishermen were steering a direct course for Koepang
[with object and adverbial of direction] guide the movement or course of:
he had steered her to a chair
he made an attempt to steer the conversation back to Heather
1 [mass noun] the type of steering of a vehicle:
some cars boast four-wheel steer
2 informal a piece of advice or information concerning the development of a situation:
the need for the NHS to be given a clear steer as to its future direction
steer clear of
take care to avoid or keep away from:
steer clear of fatty food
steer a middle course
see middle.
Old English stīeran, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch sturen and German steuern