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Pronunciation of Staying: Learn how to pronounce Staying in English correctly

Learn how to say Staying correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stay:

1 [no object, usually with adverbial] remain in the same place:
you stay here and I’ll be back soon
Jenny decided to stay at home with their young child
he stayed with the firm as a consultant
(stay for/to) delay leaving so as to join in (an activity):
why not stay to lunch?
2 [no object, with complement or adverbial] remain in a specified state or position:
her ability to stay calm
tactics used to stay in power
I managed to stay out of trouble
3 [no object] (of a person) live somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest:
the girls had gone to stay with friends
Minton invited him to stay the night
Scottish & South African live permanently:
where do you stay?
4 [with object] stop, delay, or prevent (something), in particular suspend or postpone (judicial proceedings) or refrain from pressing (charges):
there are some cases the Crown feels so serious they don’t want to stay the charges
assuage (hunger) for a short time:
I grabbed something to stay the pangs of hunger
literary curb; check:
he tries to stay the destructive course of barbarism
[no object, in imperative] archaic wait a moment in order to allow someone time to think or speak:
stay, stand apart, I know not which is which
5 [with object] literary support or prop up:
it did not matter to you whether the building was stayed up or not?
1a period of staying somewhere, in particular of living somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest:
an overnight stay at a luxury hotel
2 literary a curb or check:
there is likely to be a good public library as a stay against boredom
Law a suspension or postponement of judicial proceedings:
a stay of prosecution
3a device used as a brace or support.
(stays) historical a corset made of two pieces laced together and stiffened by strips of whalebone.
4 [mass noun] archaic power of endurance:
some men are always great at beginnings; but they have no stay in them