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Pronunciation of Stave: Learn how to pronounce Stave in English correctly

Learn how to say Stave correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stave:

1a vertical wooden post or plank in a building or other structure.
any of the lengths of wood fixed side by side to make a barrel, bucket, or other container.
a strong wooden stick or iron pole used as a weapon.
2 (also staff) Music, British a set of five parallel lines on any one or between any adjacent two of which a note is written to indicate its pitch.
3a verse or stanza of a poem.
[with object]
1 (past and past participle staved or stove /stəʊv/) (stave something in) break something by forcing it inwards or piercing it roughly:
the door was staved in
2 (past and past participle staved) (stave something off) avert or delay something bad or dangerous:
a reassuring presence can stave off a panic attack
Middle English: back-formation from staves, archaic plural of staff1. Current senses of the verb date from the early 17th century