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Pronunciation of Statements: Learn how to pronounce Statements in English correctly

Learn how to say Statements correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word statement:

1a definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing:
do you agree with this statement?
this is correct as a statement of fact
[mass noun]:
Minton’s love of clear statement
an official account of facts, views, or plans, especially one for release to the media:
the ministers issued a joint statement calling for negotiations
a formal account of events given by a witness, defendant, or other party to the police or in a court of law:
she made a statement to the police
an expression of an attitude or belief that is made by means of actions or appearance:
the hope is that they will fill the stands and terraces to make a statement about the importance of this club
a tattoo can be more than just a fashion statement-it has potential medical value
[as modifier] denoting something, such as a visually striking piece of jewellery, clothing, or interior decoration, that is intended to convey a particular attitude or image:
she accessorized with a dazzling orange scarf and a statement necklace
pure white walls and floors allow her statement furniture to take centre stage
(in the UK) an official assessment made by a local education authority concerning a child’s special educational needs:
children with statements of special educational needs
2a document setting out items of debit and credit between a bank or other organization and a customer:
you’ll have your own account with a monthly statement
3 Music a presentation of a theme or melody within a composition.
[with object] British
officially assess (a child) as having special educational needs:
(as adjective statemented)
a reassessment of statemented children
(as noun statementing)
the LEAs’ differing policies on statementing