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Pronunciation of Starters: Learn how to pronounce Starters in English correctly

Learn how to say Starters correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word starter:

1a person or thing that starts in a specified way:
I’m just a slow starter
a person who gives the signal for the start of a race.
[with adjective] a horse, competitor, or player taking part in a race or game at the start:
the trainer has confirmed Cool Ground as a definite starter
Baseball the pitcher who starts the game.
a topic, question, or other item with which to start a group discussion or course of study:
material to act as a starter for discussion
[as modifier] denoting something regarded as suitable for a person who is new to a particular activity, product, etc.:
consumers upgrading from a regular mobile phone to a starter smartphone
2an automatic device for starting a machine, especially the engine of a vehicle:
[as modifier]:
the starter motor
a railway signal controlling the starting of trains from a station or other location.
3chiefly British the first course of a meal.
4 informal a plan or idea that has a chance of succeeding and is therefore worthy of consideration:
she began to think that she must move away, yet she knew that it was not even a starter
5 (also starter culture) a bacterial culture used to initiate souring in making yogurt, cheese, or butter.
a preparation of chemicals to initiate the breakdown of vegetable matter in making compost.
for starters
informal first of all; to start with:
‘Anything else?’ ‘That’ll do for starters.’
under starter’s orders
(of horses, runners, or other competitors) ready to start a race and just waiting for the signal.