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Pronunciation of Stand-Up: Learn how to pronounce Stand-Up in English correctly

Learn how to say Stand-Up correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word stand-up:

1involving, done by, or engaged in by people standing up:
a stand-up party
(of comedy or a comedian) performed or performing by standing in front of an audience and telling jokes:
a stand-up comic
his stand-up routine depends on improvised observations
2(of a fight or argument) involving direct confrontation:
she had a stand-up row with her husband
US informal courageous and loyal in a combative way:
a first-class, stand-up kind of guy
I was strong, I was stand-up, I could take anything
3designed to stay upright or erect:
indigo blue shirts with stand-up collars
1a comedian who performs by standing in front of an audience and telling jokes.
[mass noun] stand-up comedy:
he began doing stand-up when he was fifteen
a brief monologue by a television news reporter:
Coleman left the media pack doing stand-ups on the roof
2a fight or argument involving direct confrontation:
we have had stand-ups, pitch invasions, and red cards