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Pronunciation of Squirrelling: Learn how to pronounce Squirrelling in English correctly

Learn how to say Squirrelling correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word squirrel:

an agile tree-dwelling rodent with a bushy tail, typically feeding on nuts and seeds.
Family Sciuridae: several genera, in particular Sciurus, and numerous species
a related rodent of the squirrel family. See ground squirrel, flying squirrel.
[mass noun] the fur of the squirrel.
verb (squirrels, squirrelling, squirrelled; US squirrels, squirreling, squirreled)
1 [with object] (squirrel something away) hide money or something of value in a safe place:
the money was squirrelled away in foreign bank accounts
2 [no object, with adverbial of direction] move in an inquisitive and restless manner:
they were squirrelling around in the woods in search of something
Middle English: shortening of Old French esquireul, from a diminutive of Latin sciurus, from Greek skiouros, from skia ‘shade’ + oura ‘tail’. Current verb senses date from the early 20th century

Spelling rule
Double the l when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words which end in a vowel plus l (as in travel): (squirrels, squirrelling, squirrelled).