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Pronunciation of Squeezed: Learn how to pronounce Squeezed in English correctly

Learn how to say Squeezed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word squeeze:

[with object]
1firmly press (something soft or yielding), typically with one’s fingers:
Kate squeezed his hand affectionately
[no object]:
he squeezed with all his strength
[with object and adverbial] extract (liquid or a soft substance) from something by compressing or twisting it firmly:
squeeze out as much juice as you can
(as adjective, with submodifier squeezed)
freshly squeezed orange juice
2 [no object, with adverbial of direction] manage to get into or through a narrow or restricted space:
Sarah squeezed in beside her
he found a hole in the hedge and squeezed his way through
[with object and adverbial of direction] manage to force into or through a narrow or restricted space:
she squeezed herself into her tightest pair of jeans
[with object] (squeeze someone/thing in) manage to find time for someone or something:
she may be able to squeeze you in, if you play your cards right
3 [with object and adverbial] obtain (something) from someone with difficulty:
councils will want to squeeze as much money out of taxpayers as they can
[with object] informal pressurize (someone) in order to obtain something from them:
she used the opportunity to squeeze him for information
[with object] (squeeze someone/thing out) force someone or something out of an activity or post:
workers have been squeezed out of their jobs
[with object] Bridge force (an opponent) to discard a guarding or potentially winning card.
[with object] (especially in a financial or commercial context) have a damaging or restricting effect on:
the economy is being squeezed by foreign debt repayments
4 (squeeze something off) informal shoot a round or shot from a gun:
squeeze off a few well-aimed shots
take a photograph:
he squeezed off a half-dozen Polaroids
1an act of squeezing something:
a gentle squeeze of the trigger
a hug.
a state of being forced into a small or restricted space:
it was a tight squeeze in the tiny hall
dated a crowded social gathering.
a small amount of liquid extracted from something by squeezing:
a squeeze of lemon juice
2a strong financial demand or pressure, typically a restriction on borrowing, spending, or investment in a financial crisis:
industry faced higher costs and a squeeze on profits
[mass noun] informal money illegally extorted or exacted from someone:
he was out to extract some squeeze from her
Bridge a tactic that forces an opponent to discard an important card.
3a moulding or cast of an object, or an impression or copy of a design, obtained by pressing a pliable substance round or over it.
4North American informal a person’s girlfriend or boyfriend:
the poor guy just lost his main squeeze
5 (also squeeze play) Baseball an act of hitting a ball short to the infield to enable a runner on third base to start for home as soon as the ball is pitched.
put the squeeze on
informal coerce or pressurize (someone).
squeeze one’s eyes shut (or closed)
close one’s eyes tightly.