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Pronunciation of Square: Learn how to pronounce Square in English correctly

Learn how to say Square correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word square:

1a plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles:
a grid of ruled squares
a thing that is square or approximately square in shape:
she tore a bit of cloth into a four-inch square
a thing having the shape or approximate shape of a cube:
a small square of chocolate
a small square area on the board used in a game:
move the white king’s pawn forward two squares
historical a body of infantry drawn up in rectangular form.
a unit of 100 square ft used as a measure of flooring, roofing, etc..
a square scarf.
British a mortar board.
the portion of the cover of a bound book which projects beyond the pages.
2an open, typically four-sided, area surrounded by buildings in a village, town, or city:
a market square
[in place names]:
Leicester Square
an open area at the meeting of streets.
Cricket a closer-cut area at the centre of a ground, any strip of which may be prepared as a wicket.
an area within a military barracks or camp used for drill.
US a block of buildings bounded by four streets.
3the product of a number multiplied by itself:
a circle’s area is proportional to the square of its radius
4an L-shaped or T-shaped instrument used for obtaining or testing right angles:
a carpenter’s square
[mass noun] Astrology an aspect of 90° (one quarter of a circle):
Venus in square to Jupiter
5 informal a person considered to be old-fashioned or boringly conventional in attitude or behaviour:
Reg is such a square
6North American informal a square meal:
three squares a day
1having the shape or approximate shape of a square:
a square table
having the shape or approximate shape of a cube:
a square block of flats
having or in the form of two right angles:
a suitable length of wood with square ends
having an outline resembling two corners of a square:
his square jaw
broad and solid in shape:
he was short and square
2denoting a unit of measurement equal to the area of a square whose side is of the unit specified:
30,000 square feet of new gallery space
[postpositive] denoting the length of each side of a square shape or object:
the office was fifteen feet square
3at right angles; perpendicular:
these lines must be square to the top and bottom marked edges
Cricket & Soccer in a direction transversely across the field or pitch:
Keen’s square pass was rammed home first time by Bishop
Astrology having or denoting an aspect of 90°:
Jupiter is square to the Sun
4level or parallel:
place two pieces of wood one on top of the other, ensuring that they are exactly square
properly arranged; in good order:
we should get everything square before we leave
compatible or in agreement:
he wanted to make sure we were square with the court’s decision and not subject to a lawsuit
fair and honest:
she’d been as square with him as anybody could be
5(of two people) owing nothing to each other:
an acknowledgement that we are square
with both players or sides having equal scores in a game:
the goal brought the match all square once again
6 informal old-fashioned or boringly conventional:
Elvis was anything but square
7(of rhythm) simple and straightforward.
1directly; straight:
the ball hit me square in the forehead
informal fairly; honestly:
I’d acted square with him
2 Cricket & Soccer in a direction transversely across the field or pitch:
the ball bounced almost square to the left