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Pronunciation of Spuds: Learn how to pronounce Spuds in English correctly

Learn how to say Spuds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word spud:

1 informal a potato.
2a small, narrow spade for cutting the roots of plants, especially weeds.
3 [often as modifier] a short length of pipe that is used to connect two components or that takes the form of a projection from a fitting to which a pipe may be screwed:
a spud washer
4a type of ice chisel.
verb (spuds, spudding, spudded)
[with object]
1dig up or cut (plants, especially weeds) with a small spade.
2make the initial drilling for (an oil well).
late Middle English (denoting a short knife): of unknown origin. The sense ‘potato’ (dating from the mid 19th century) was originally slang and dialect