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Pronunciation of Sprout: Learn how to pronounce Sprout in English correctly

Learn how to say Sprout correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sprout:

[no object]
(of a plant) put out shoots:
the weeds begin to sprout
[with object] grow (plant shoots or hair):
many black cats sprout a few white hairs
[no object] (of a plant, flower, or hair) start to grow; spring up:
crocuses sprouted up from the grass
[no object] appear or develop suddenly and in large numbers:
plush new hotels are sprouting up everywhere
1a shoot of a plant:
the flower pots are full of green sprouts
(sprouts) young shoots, especially of alfalfa, mung beans, or soybeans, eaten as a vegetable.
2short for Brussels sprout.
Middle English: of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch spruiten and German spriessen