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Pronunciation of Sprigs: Learn how to pronounce Sprigs in English correctly

Learn how to say Sprigs correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word sprig:

1a small stem bearing leaves or flowers, taken from a plant:
a sprig of holly
2a descendant or younger member of a family or social class:
a sprig of the French nobility
archaic, chiefly derogatory a young man.
3a small moulded decoration applied to a piece of pottery before firing.
verb (sprigs, sprigging, sprigged)
1decorate (pottery) with small, separately moulded designs.
2 (as adjective sprigged) (chiefly of fabric or paper) decorated with a design of sprigs of leaves or flowers:
a sprigged cotton dress
Middle English: from or related to Low German sprick